Can you tell me which card do you have, if you use front panel jack and if you have set a specific headphone gain. ASIO has the benefit of bit matching. Thought it was fluke until it occurred again. CarvedInside 25 Dec Is much better than before.

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For Win XP it includes audio drivers. Shrymp 18 Mar I have a subwoofer but no center speaker. All these operations are bitperfect with zero effect on the sound. Thank you for the feedback.

This is noted in the driver’S notes at the Asus website: Never had any issues with the official drivers either.

I want an original and faithful sound, I do not want an artificial or metallic sound. Essfnce I’ve read the post above correctly, that’s becuase xonnar auto sample rate switch only works with ASIO – is that right?

Windows drivers for Xonar Essence ST?

OH it does bypass JRiver’s 32 bit preference accordingly when viewed in Audio path. If you have Windows XP then there is a different guide for that. Increasing buffer size in JRiver has no effect.


If you have an Asus sound card with the ASIO driver that was installed along with the sound card drivers then you can right click the Asus Driver management in the notification area and then chose “Asus Xonar ASIO”, you then can change the Bitdepth and the time in ms.

Check your dpc latency google it. Reading one of the pro audio forums i found a Steinberg tool for adjusting the latency and setting bit depth of the ASIO sound system. Your comment may be held for moderation. CarvedInside 19 Dec I know of a least one other here on the Forum that also used them.

Computer Audiophile forums said: Page 1 of 2. I have the latency set at 50ms and buffering the same. UNi Xonar drivers v1. Sorry for my english, but you need more confirmations. Is there anything wrong with my setup? Gislon on June 13, The driver menu crashes when trying to select something from the Audio Channel, Originally Posted by francisw It is part of the sound card’s driver settings for ASIO.


Asus Xonar DG, DGX, DG SI, DS, DSX, D1, D2, DX, D2X, HDAV, HDAV Slim, ST, STX, STX II, Xense.

I hear only from the front speaker. There are no pop-up, pop-under or sticky ads.

Improved lip-sync when using ASIO, especially with large hardware buffer sizes. Apart from driver issues, there could be issues solely from Windows 10 sound system that would be fixed with future Windows updates.

Xonar Essence ST, will it support Windows 10

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Hey guys, just bought a asus xonar dx for dirt cheap, and i’ve installed the Updated C-Media Panel with the one included in 1.