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BigKeys LX : Spectronics – Inclusive Learning Technologies

BigKeys LX is targeted at the following age ranges: Updated Terms and Privacy Policy Inclusive Technology will always hold and use keyboardd data securely, responsibly and transparently.

Built in logic allows switching to meet future needs. Other Inclusive Learning Support Bgikeys. This website uses cookies to improve your overall experience. Generate a quote or securely purchase online by simply “ticking” the box next to each item and clicking “Add Selected Items to List”. We’re here to help!


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BigKeys LX Keyboard

In Ksyboard Mode, function keys can be produced by successively pressing F and the numeric key rather than simultaneously pressing the 2 keys. Similar products you may also be interested in To change the order of the keys on your keyboard:. We’ll get back to you quickly.


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Punctuation Keys All standard punctuation characters are included. Big Grips Frame for iPad 2, 3 or 4 From: Also Recommended Contact us for more product recommendations!

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