The firmware was extracted from the USB dumps too, by first using parse-sniffusb2. Final words I’ve seen that there are more open and cheap blood pressure meters, like the ewh-bp-project. So after some hours of looking I found that it’d be super easy to customize the root filesystem and even all the logos of the boot sequence; however what I really want to do is to load a custom kernel, but that’s meat for another day. Tweeper can be used via web or as a command line program, for example as a filter in your feed reader, by passing the URL of the user’s public timeline as the first argument. I used a mAh lipo battery , a bigger one would have not fit into the handle.

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Tweeper is a web scraper which extracts the most recent public tweets of a given user from their home page on Twitter. A curious note A thing I discovered by chance, by misspelling the username in one of my tests with different POP3 servers: Page 1 2 newer.

I call it JMP-ropethe programmable jump rope.

[linux-dvb] Digicom DigiTune USB2 DVB-T dongle (Twinhan VP-7045)

I eventually intend to run Debian on it, but let’s take a look at the specs and do a full backup first. Artlantis Object Format files are written by Artlantisa closed source dogicom modeling and rendering software, the data in them is about 3D scenes camera, lighting, etc.

Tweeper can be used via web or as a command line program, for example as a filter in your feed reader, by passing the URL of the user’s public digiutne as vigitune first argument.


It’s pretty easy to get diyicom, as the device came pre-rooted: Browse the Latest Snapshot. I think the product has some minor design issues: It’s a device made of a programmable LED strip attached to a jump rope, which can be used with high exposure photography for Light Painting. A small slip-ringit has to fit inside the handle; it allows the rope to spin while still keeping electrical contact between the micro-controller and the LED strip.

The principle behind it is the same as those cool POV Persistence of vision displays.

The hardware of the first JMP-rope prototype is very simple: I used a Trinketrelying on wire wrapping to do the needed connections. Get it from the Tweeper source code repository. Contact us about this article. On USB projectors, linux and libam7xxx. A quick analysis with binwalk shows that this partition contains some x bitmaps: This could be an interesting device if you want to run your own code on a projector.

I used a short bolt from outside the handle to hold the slip-ring in place. While testing the adapter I’ve found out that signal reception improves when the little antenna with the magnetic base is on top of some metal object, I put mine on top of a candy tin box and Rigitune can get a few more channels, from what I read the physical principle that makes this work is the one of the ground plane of a monopole antenna.

So I hacked up a script to generate the list of strings matchable by the said regexand use them as passwords digtune a dictionary based attack via POP3.

[PATCHv2,8/9,media] get_dvb_firmware: add entry for the vp firmware – Patchwork

Per quanto 4 weeks 3 days ago Ah, thanks for the 8 weeks 14 hours ago Yes it works. A place where we digciom share the techniques keystone correctionor some more sophisticate anamorphic transformations by the means of a Camera-Projector system and the Open Source software implementing them, all in a single place. Maybe the EFI binaries just display the logo and then boot an Android boot image from the right partition, depending on the boot option.


Popular content Revenge of the blogs? Linux running ON other projectors Incidentally, when I was doing my pre-purchase market research, I ran into several projectors which —unsurprisingly— are running a Linux system themselves linux kernel, busybox, etc.

This is why Tweeper also Tw itter f ee d scra per was born, as an Open Source way to keep following your friends with a certain degree of anonymity, without having to tell Twitter. Unsolder it with a cheap Hot Air station which I got anywayand replace the chip with a new one found on AliExpress.

The flash chip was just erased, not damaged. Browsing All Articles 32 Articles.

Reverse engineering is about psychology: Some partial and hack-ish scripts to convert these files to more open formats are in the aof2obj git repositorymore info about the dlgitune of. There are some Android bootimgs bootfastbootrecovery which can be modified with these Bootimg-scriptsI noticed that the kernel is compiled for a bit architecture.