For example sis2 would be the third network card on the system using the sis 4 driver. The status of the link status is active , indicating that the carrier signal is detected. If you own a common card, most of the time you will not have to look very hard for a driver. Testing the Ethernet Card. This, and other documents, can be downloaded from ftp: The transmit algorithm attempts to use as much information as it can to distinguish different traffic flows and balance the flows across the available interfaces.

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Once the right driver is loaded for the NICthe card needs to be configured. The first interface added to the virtual interface is the master port and all subsequently added interfaces are used as failover devices.

Again, check all the network settings, and refer to tuning 7. Loaad the networking system has been relaunched, test the NIC s. Consider trying another card.

Contributed by Marc Fonvieille. On some old freebsv, only one PCI slot allows it, usually slot 0. More interfaces can be added to increase throughput and fault tolerance.

While this usually works for most hardware, it may not resolve this issue for everyone. The identification LEDs of the adapters supported by the em driver can be controlled via the led 4 API for localization purposes.


If the ifconfig 8 output had shown something similar to:. The next step is to compile the driver binary into a loadable kernel module. For more information on available media types for a driver, refer to its manual page. Alternatively, statically compile support for the NIC into a loae kernel. First, ping the interface itself, and then ping another machine on the LAN.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

On some old motherboards, only one PCI slot allows it usually slot 0. This driver supports hardware assisted VLANs. If you own a common card, most of the time you will not have to look very hard for a driver. This command is interactive and prompts for any extra information it requires. In this example, two Ethernet NIC s using the dc 4 driver are present on the system:.

For more information on available media types for a driver, please refer to its manual page. First, determine the MAC address of the Ethernet interface:. Once you are sure your card is supported, you need to determine the proper driver for the card. Instead, check the LINT file for information about various network interfaces.

When in doubt, read the manual page of the driver as it will provide more information about the supported hardware and any known limitations of the driver.


Check the mailing list archives, or perhaps search the Internet. The card must be configured as root. Also, check the network configuration as incorrect network settings can cause slow connections. Many cards require a PCI slot which supports bus mastering. To display the configuration for the network interfaces on your system, enter the following command: Locating the Correct Driver.

Setting Up Network Interface Cards

Check the Hardware Compatibility List for your release to see if your card is supported. Is the network cable plugged in?

In these cases it is best to set the media selection olad from autoselect to the correct media selection. Frame ordering is mandatory on Ethernet links and any traffic between two stations always flows over the same physical link, limiting the maximum speed to that of one interface.

It has a valid subnet mask netmask ; 0xffffff00 is the same as The status of the link status is activei.