PB requires one to generate an update. What problems are you having? The following steps should be performed only on a machine that has ODBC drivers installed see steps above. If you are configuring an existing data source, select the data source name and click the Configure button. Art Marks, Arthur J.

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Text as text Name: For more information about isolation and lock levels, refer to the SequeLink Administrator’s Guide. We are upgrading our apps from PB Static cursors are supported for all databases. Datawindow retrieve error when using ODBC text driver.


Database DB The name of the database to which you want to connect. You can select an existing SequeLink data source or create a new one. In Tableshort names are shown enclosed within parentheses.

If this box is not checked, the SequeLink data source considers semicolons part of a single statement.

How to Install DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers for Windows

We are upgrading our apps from PB Click Next or Yes on the screen until you get to the Interbase component selection screen. The destination folder should be the Interbase folder you already have set up in Quantum. The ODBC specification requires that all ODBC drivers must be thread-safe; that is, they must not fail when database requests are made on separate threads.


I’m currently going through my personal transition from male to female, and this is my blog initially mostly for friends and Thanks, Dave If you know the name of the file put it in a ini file. For example, you might receive the following message from an Oracle data source:. Website Built Using Michaelcottam. Select the Data Source you created above and click OK. On 12 Oct Which driver are you trying to use.

How to Install DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers for Windows

I have a field containg a datawindow syntax which is approx bytes. There is going to be numerous users using this app from the network so each person will need to have there own copy of qetxt.

You can specify long or short names in the connection string, which has the form:.

Has anyone had any problems using the Intersolve ODBC text driver the latest couple of versions – I’ve installed oebc latest in an effort to get through the problem When using the datawindow retrieve method, I get an intermittent error loading a semicolon-delimited text file into my SQL Anywhere db. If you do not specify a database, the default database defined for the database system to which SequeLink is connected is used.


The logon dialog box feature is not supported on UNIX. The code is included below: What about those with less or no sight?

I’ve installed and configured through the ODBC data source administrator the driver and I’m having problems with it. Check this box if you want to use SequeLink to return warnings from the database. He leads a team of analysts who cover a wide range of practices and technologies, Click OK to close this window. See related interssolv to this posting. Would someone please help.

If the result set returns more that one ro If your application requires a connection string to connect to a data source, you must specify the data source name that tells the driver which data source to use for the default connection information.