Setup has determined that there may be a problem with your USB controller. All devices and the USB category are removed. Examining your system Copying Iomega files Note: As soon as Windows 98 finishes coming up the Zip drive will be ready to use. If it does not autoplay, complete the following steps: Ready to Install the program – click on “Install.

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Install Shield window opens and then the Windows Installer Window. Thu Sep 27, 9: During the test I did not register the product and selected “Skip Registration”. All of that potential download time in the sip is being wasted.

Insert a Zip disk into the Zip drive and power on system.

Iomega Zip Drive 100 MB Free Driver Download

Examining your system Copying Iomega files Note: The computer in the office is connected to the Internet almost all day, the one at home is only connected for limited times.

For Windows 95 and NT, try this: Iomega Setup – Software Iomegs Agreement screen comes up. Smeghead Ars Praefectus Tribus: Iomega Zip Hard Disk Controllers: Double click on “setup.

In Device Manager under Universal serial bus controller you will see either: Setup has determined that there may be a problem with your USB controller.


USB Zip drive and Windows 98 5 posts. If so, click on “Yes” to keep the newer version.

Iomega Zip USB Installations – Windows 95, 98, 98SE & Windows NT

Unfortunately IOMega can’t go along with download links on their own website, they change it frequently and make dead links in support pages, especially for older platforms, so I have to waste my hosting bandwidth and put here essentials which allow to use ZIP with old computers.

Under DOS, you usually run guest with paraleter letter, like: Installation is complete and the following will be listed in the Device Manager: Select the second of the two devices and ioega following the same steps. Included software offered ease of use – to use ZIP drive in a new computer, for example to show some images or presentation, it was needed only to run wij98 program. Updating system configuration Reserving drive letters Assigning drive letters Iomega Software dialogue box comes up giving the option to select what software to install.

Export Control and EULA Use of any software made available for download from this system constitutes your acceptance of the Export Control Terms and the terms in the Toshiba end-user license agreement both of which you can view before downloading any such software. Packages contain Guest95 too.


Iomega drivers – Iomega Storage Drivers

Thank you, one and all. With Win98 there’s some software you need to install first; aside from that, I’d be a bit leery of plugging and unplugging something all the time.

Iomega Software Setup screen – “Here are the Iomega drives found on your system: They are “Yes”, “Other options Click on “Next” to proceed. The Zip drive would only be attached to the office computer maybe three times a week. You may get a “Warning” screen if the Iomegaware setup detects that the USB controller does not meet the v1.

The only item required for the Zip drive to work is the driver and tools. Select “Complete” and click on “Next. I have some files that I would like to download, but because of limited time I can’t really do it at home. There are some alternative drivers such as commercial PalmZip, which can work under DOS with very old computers If it was a parallel port drive, I’d be more inclined zlp agree with you.