Find all posts by prp. Download the required tools here http: In my case, dongle password is F: Send a private message to jabrix. Send a private message to youcef Add the registry key you created to the registry.

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I have recovered all password and registry files successfully including two dng files. Comparing the two logs will show you where it is crashing.

How to install HASP MultiKey USB Dongle Emulator on Windows 7 64 bit

You must accept to install it anyway. I thought I will give up but I still hope I can find a free emulator. Send a private message to user1. If you have any problem, please drop a comment. Add the registry key you created to the registry. Is it something wrong?

PRP Thanks thanks for drivers. The most important step is that you must generate exact registry file. I cloned successfully all types of multiey with MultiKey Emulator. Select [Enable Test Mode] and click Next button.


I noticed that his PC was installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional. If your dongle really HASP4, you can found many information here.

You should rename it to FA. I use Toro for dump my hasp key. Find all posts by jabrix. Find all posts by resac. You wait for a while, you will see a popup asking you to install a unsigned driver.

HASP-sentinel-MultiKey-Emulator 1. Dump dongle with PVA 3 –

When using dongle app works fine. It should show Now you can start your protected software and enjoy it. Go back to ‘Toro Aladdin Dongles Monitor’. Then monitor multjkey real dongle while you start the app. If all goes well you should tell you it was successful and you should now have two files hasp.

Emulate HASP HL Pro

Files and Notes Download the required tools here http: For example, my dongle password is F: Mulitkey decided to upgrage my system to Win 10 and now I’m trying to install MultiKey Have you seen this behavior on some app?


Send a private message to Git. Search Site only in current section. Now that you have the two passwords, use h5dmp.

Reverse Engineering Team – Archive – Top. PRP – do you have that certificate please? In this case, dongle password is 3C For future reference, please don’t post so much material inside a message.